How can I list my site ?

Search Engines are run by separate companies. These are also advertising companies.

You can list your page in different search engines for them to be shown when people search for various terms. You can list your site visiting the different search engine's home pages and following their procedures to list your site.

You can add your site to Google here:

Every search engine is different in what they look for and there are many articles available on Google which will give you advice on how to get high ratings for keywords. However, there are no exact answers.

You may also wish to place Meta tags on each page of your web site which may increase the relevance of your web site to your target audience. More information can be found

Some good tips to get higher ranking in the search engines:
- Put your most critical information at the top of the page (after the body tags).
- Use Metatags "Keywords" in your page - only use 1 - 3 words max per page, specifically to your page content.
- Your page title should be content specific with no unnecessary words.
- List your page at different search engines (see each search engine to list your site)
- Have other web sites link to your site, which increases your sites relevance.

You may also consider paid advertising by Google Adwords ( or Overture ( These are pay per click programs and allow you do display your advertisement when users search for various terms.

Unfortunately there is no cheap or easy way to have a number one position on all search engines. Different search engines rank pages differently and their methods change all the time. The search engines also do not disclose their methods, as everyone would compete for a number one spot.

We hope this gives you some direction in how to list your site on the search engines.

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